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How to Restore Antique Light Fixtures

Make Use of Grans Old Lights Antique light fixtures are normally left unused and stored in the basement of your house. However most of these antique lights can still be used if it is restored correctly with some minor clean up on the fixture.  A true antique can also be a great investment especially if you are considering selling these  items to: antique stores, antique dealers or even through trademe. […]

How to Decorate Old Furniture

Save Money, Bring Furniture Back to Life If your house has lots of old furniture and is in need of some serious new colour/look, you can always make like a Frankenstein movie and bring the old furniture back to life.  A great way that you can apply new touches to the old furniture is by adding some unique modern touches such as replacing old draw handles with new ones or sanding back and varnishing […]