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How to Plant a Lawn

Beautiful Green Grass and Great for Drainage If there’s an empty spot in front of your house on your lawn, cats are more likely to dirty them as we all know they use soil to do their business. To avoid having to clean up their business, why not plant a lawn on that empty spot to give both the yard and your house a pretty look. There are so many […]

Top 5 Must Do's When Building a Deck

Add Property Value and Avoid Mistakes Building a deck is every kiwi DIY persons dream job because the end result will see them sitting on their own piece of fine craftsmanship drinking a nice cold beer enjoying the view.  But this can go horribly wrong and I’m not just talking in the immediate sense, oh no, there are certain things done to decks that can have a detrimental effect on them over the coming […]

How to Create an Outdoor Barbeque Kitchen

Get Cooking Outdoors An outdoor barbeque kitchen is an important item for any household to have especially if you always organizing BBQ parties for your: friends,  family, and relatives.  When you are talking about creating an outdoor barbeque kitchen, you need to carefully consider a few things such as: your time, budget, space, and location.  Having an outdoor kitchen that not only looks great but is exceedingly functional  in terms of location and […]