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Five Easy DIY Curb Appeal Projects

DIY curb appeal for better savings and satisfaction When it comes to renovating a space in your home, there is nothing like doing it yourself. It’s a win/win, for it puts your personal stamp on the renovation and it saves money. When giving the landscape of your home a makeover, look to these five simple DIY projects to inexpensively and efficiently spruce up the area: 1. Front Door As the main […]

Tips for Installing a Second-Level Deck

Get ready for summer with that next level deck Spring is here and summer is just around the corner. It’s time to pull out the grill and start planning your outdoor activities. You could wear down that same patch of grass in your backyard for your grill, or you could finally build that deck you have been dreaming about for years. Installing your own deck is actually pretty simple to […]

How to Grow Strawberries

The Red Fruit that Just Keeps Giving Everybody loves the sweetness and sourness of strawberries when made into jam, cakes, pudding or even eaten on their own. Strawberries are easy to plant and beautiful for your garden at home. The first fruits usually appear in spring, you can find many types of strawberries that can be planted according to your place and climate. There are several varieties ranging from the […]

How to Harvest and Store Tomatoes

Enjoy the Fruits of Your Labour Once you’ve got all the toiling and sweating in the garden seeding and planting your tomatoes, there’s nothing more rewarding than seeing your hard work pay off when your first tomato fruit emerges. It’s a terribly exciting feeling knowing that you will soon be able to enjoy the fruits of your labour (literally). The next step is to know how and when to harvest […]

How to Build a Brick Paver Patio

Build a Brick Paver Patio By building a brick paver patio, you will cost effectively add more value to your house, but this task will definitely test your patience and take a lot of effort in order to create it the correct way. However, if you manage to plan it well and get some help from your friends (feed and water them for their help as a minimum…or even put […]

How to Install Solar Lights on a Deck

Cost Effective Outdoor Lighting Solar deck light’s an ingenious choice to brighten up your outdoor landscape. Because it’s designed with a photo cell to run the electronic circuit, it does away with the complicated electrical installation and wire exposure. It also automatically turns off during the day and switches on at night. No bills, no frills and eco-friendly. Can anything get better than that when it comes to your outdoor […]

How to Build a Formal Entrance Garden

Make The Most of Your Entrance You don’t have to be in Versailles to have a beautiful formal entrance garden to welcome visitors. If you have a small garden entrance, it might not seem to offer much scope for an extended symmetrical arrangement. However, a small standard tree in a square bed can make a charming formal front garden. It’s also a great investment if you are looking to sell […]

How to Install Solar Patio Lights

Bring Out the Ambiance with Solar lights Installing solar patio lights are an eco friendly way to add warmth and beautiful ambiance to your outdoor patio area. It’s not hard and does not require wiring or electrical work. The easy way to make your lights provide the most illumination is by positioning them where they are properly exposed. You can use a combination of ground stake solar lighting, hanging solar lights and […]

How to Make Rich Soil for Your Garden

In order for plants and flowers to thrive the key starting point is to have rich soil. You should think of your garden soil as a living organism which needs regular nourishment so that you can encourage optimal productivity. Some of the organic materials like compost, manure, and chopped leaves provide you with a high content of nutrition that your plants need. Simply by amending and working your garden soil […]

The Benefits of Having a Salt Water Pool

The most common way to keep swimming pool water clean is by using chlorine which prevents harmful bacteria and algae growth. However, there are now some alternatives to liquid chlorine. One great example are salt water pools, where by a salt water chlorination system is used to convert salt naturally into chlorine to keep the water clean and fresh the whole year round.  If you get it right and the […]