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How to Prepare Plaster Walls for Painting

Prepare Plaster Walls For Painting Plaster has been around for a long time now and has been in common use as far back as Roman times when a version of plaster was used in many homes.  The reasons homeowners have liked it over the years is because its easily made, cheap and easy to find. Even now, there are people who keep pushing the plaster angle but more for the aesthetic and sturdy […]

How to Select the Right Wallpaper for Your Home

Change the Look of Your Interior Wallpapering is a method widely used to change the look of your walls in the home without resorting to the need of re-painting. Wallpapering can be a DIY project you can do over the course of a couple of weekends (depending on the size of your wall) or just an overnight job. There are many types of wallpaper out there in the market. You […]

How to Removing Paint From Clothes

Forget to Change Into Old Clothes For Painting Whenever you are doing DIY painting jobs at home, always remember to wear old clothes or work clothes which are suitable for painting.  However, sometimes we tend to forget to change our attire and start to do the job with our good clothes still on. Although the paint stain on your cloth simply just cannot be removed by using normal washing but […]