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How to Prepare Plaster Walls for Painting

Prepare Plaster Walls For Painting Plaster has been around for a long time now and has been in common use as far back as Roman times when a version of plaster was used in many homes.  The reasons homeowners have liked it over the years is because its easily made, cheap and easy to find. Even now, there are people who keep pushing the plaster angle but more for the aesthetic and sturdy […]

How To Repair Cracked Plaster Walls

In order to repair cracks on walls, you must know whether you have plaster or drywall, which are also known as sheetrock, plasterboard, or wallboard. For Plaster walls or drywall cracks normally occur when you hammer a nail into then, accidently bump your wall when moving furniture or even from a minor earthquake. This type of crack in plaster walls can be repaired and does not require special skills and […]