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How to Maintain your Wood Deck

Don’t Just Build a Deck, Maintain it. A wood deck usually provides you with a nice area for relaxing and will blend nicely with your outdoor surroundings, perfect for summer time entertaining. Most of the building materials in a wood decking are made up of pressure treated pine that can last up to forty years. But maintaining your deck needs to be done regularly because its appearance will deteriorate over […]

How to Prepare Plaster Walls for Painting

Prepare Plaster Walls For Painting Plaster has been around for a long time now and has been in common use as far back as Roman times when a version of plaster was used in many homes.  The reasons homeowners have liked it over the years is because its easily made, cheap and easy to find. Even now, there are people who keep pushing the plaster angle but more for the aesthetic and sturdy […]

How to Restore Antique Light Fixtures

Make Use of Grans Old Lights Antique light fixtures are normally left unused and stored in the basement of your house. However most of these antique lights can still be used if it is restored correctly with some minor clean up on the fixture.  A true antique can also be a great investment especially if you are considering selling these  items to: antique stores, antique dealers or even through trademe. […]

How to Repair Cracked Concrete on a Garage Floor

Fixing the Cracked Concrete is Crucial Your cracked concrete could have happened due to: over use, accidents or a natural disaster, but cracked concrete should be fixed as soon as it starts to appear so as to avoid compromising the structure itself.  There are many ways to fix the floor, but it all depends on where it is located; in the house or outside the house. In general, a garage […]

How to Repair Wallpaper That is Lifting

Don’t Worry it Can be Repaired Are you looking to simply clean up the house a bit and fix some of the minor issues which add up to an over all shabby look? Or are you in the serious mode of trying to pull your house together ready for it to be sold in the aggressive New Zealand property market? Well making sure your wallpaper is looking good through minor repairs can […]

How to Get Cigarette Burns Out of a Wood Table Top

Return Your Table to it’s Former Glory Good furniture is not cheap in New Zealand. We all know that furniture made from wood is the most expensive. If you buy right your furniture can last a lifetime as long as you take the time to look after it.  Accidents do happen and the accident we are focusing on here is if somebody was to  carelessly flick ash from a lighted cigarette onto […]

How to Dismantle a Brick Wall

Looking For a New Landscape If you want to create a new landscape within the compound of your house and the area that you have selected has a brick wall standing amidst the area of your project, you can simply dismantle the brick wall on your own. However, there are certain safety pre-cautions that you must adhere to before you proceed. This project  does not require any  heavy construction equipment […]

How To Repair Cracked Plaster Walls

In order to repair cracks on walls, you must know whether you have plaster or drywall, which are also known as sheetrock, plasterboard, or wallboard. For Plaster walls or drywall cracks normally occur when you hammer a nail into then, accidently bump your wall when moving furniture or even from a minor earthquake. This type of crack in plaster walls can be repaired and does not require special skills and […]