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How to Put in a Drainage System

Get Your Drainage Sorted and Save the Foundations If you have a bad drainage system within your garden or house, it will destroy your landscape. Apart from killing your plants, it also causes erosion, create puddles in your house compound, plus also create frequent flooding that will in the end become a threat to the foundation of your house. For those of you who want to install a basic drainage […]

How to Keep Your Shower Door Clean

Perfect Environment for Mould and Mildew The combination of moisture and heat means the shower doors can get dirty very quickly and become an ideal environment for the growth of mold and mildew. Soap scum can build up from the soapy water generated through the normal shower process which is splashed against the shower doors and often never wiped off. No matter what type of material your shower door is […]

Reducing Water Wastage in Bathrooms

Stop Unnecessary Wastage Now Lots of water is wasted in toilets without us being fully aware of it. Some of us don’t even care if we find a little drip of water coming out of the taps. But us being aware of water wastage will help not only us but the environment  in the long run. Keeping in mind that in many other places, water is not as available to many as it […]

How To Maintain Your Solar Hot Water Heater

Simple Maintenance Will Save You More Money When you use a solar hot water heater, it will capture the sun’s energy and then use it to heat up the water for your house usage. The two basic types of solar water heating systems are active or passive. With proper and simple maintenance, your solar hot water heating system should be able to last for many years and save you lots of […]

How to Remove Hard Water Stains From Glass

Hard water stains are often found on your glass shower door or bathroom window. They looks unattractive and they are difficult to remove. Using a shop bought cleaner does not always guarantee the removal of hard water stains especially if the stains consist of dissolved minerals, such as calcium and magnesium. The most efficient way is by using acid-based cleaners or even using some of the inexpensive natural solutions. For […]

The Benefits of Having a Salt Water Pool

The most common way to keep swimming pool water clean is by using chlorine which prevents harmful bacteria and algae growth. However, there are now some alternatives to liquid chlorine. One great example are salt water pools, where by a salt water chlorination system is used to convert salt naturally into chlorine to keep the water clean and fresh the whole year round.  If you get it right and the […]