The Benefits of Having a Salt Water Pool


The most common way to keep swimming pool water clean is by using chlorine which prevents harmful bacteria and algae growth. However, there are now some alternatives to liquid chlorine. One great example are salt water pools, where by a salt water chlorination system is used to convert salt naturally into chlorine to keep the water clean and fresh the whole year round.  If you get it right and the salt water system running well it will be like having a little bit of the sea in your backyard.

So what are some of the benefits……

Environmentally friendly

Unlike harsh chemicals used to chlorinate pools, salt water pools are a much more eco-friendly alternative as it naturally converts salt into chlorine. Once you have installed the system, you will no longer have to store and handle hazardous chemicals such as chlorine tablets that are not only harmful to the human body, and dangerous for young children but to the environment as well.

Long-term Investment

Unlike chlorine tablets, salt water chlorination systems only need to be installed once which will have higher initial costs. However these initial costs convert into long term savings as you no longer have to buy chlorine tablets. Not only that, it is also easier to maintain a salt water pool as there is no need to continually test pH levels or even constantly apply chlorine due to the salt water chlorination systems ability to monitor and clean themselves.


In addition to that, salt water is also milder to skin and hair as it does not cause itchiness, red eyes, dry and flaky skin, or even turn hair green.  It also contains no harsh chemical smells like that which comes from chlorine tablets.

Less Wear and tear

When compared to chlorinated water, salt water on its own does not damage your costly pool equipment, or even cause swimsuits to fade.  This again in the long run has got to be a good thing not only for your wallet but for your sanity.

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