Top 5 Must Do’s When Building a Deck


Add Property Value and Avoid Mistakes

Building a deck is every kiwi DIY persons dream job because the end result will see them sitting on their own piece of fine craftsmanship drinking a nice cold beer enjoying the view.  But this can go horribly wrong and I’m not just talking in the immediate sense, oh no, there are certain things done to decks that can have a detrimental effect on them over the coming days, months and years.

You need to try and avoid these issues at all costs so that your structure is not compromised and it holds value within the property. Remember, just as much as you love building and sitting on your very own deck, if you ever try to sell your property the people coming to view it will also share that love so make sure it’s done right the first time.

The Top 5 When Building a Deck

  1. Use Jolt Head Nails – This may seem like the simplest of executions but using the wrong nail, like a flat head nail, can mean that the wood starts to bow quicker than you can say “cold one”
  2. The Right Wood – Do not spare any expense on the wood if you are either looking to produce a quality surface to entertain on for the next 20 years or impress that new potential buyer.  Go for pressure treated wood to be extra safe.
  3. The Best Fastners – Just like nails, if you do not get the fastners right you will create no end of grief for yourself.  We recommend spending the money on getting stainless steel bolts
  4. Measure, Measure and Measure Again – Don’t just measure everything yourself, get a friend or better yet a building buddy to check your measurements.  The most costly mistakes come from the wrong measurements especially when it comes to the wood you use.
  5. Check Local Council Building Code – Always remember to make sure what your building complies with the local building code.  If regulations are not followed then re-work and sometimes complete demolition will occur.

Building a deck is a great achievement in the realms of DIY but keep your wits about you and your plans simple so that the project does not turn into something you will regret.

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