Why induction is superior to gas


When renovating a kitchen and installing appliances, you will undoubtedly be facing the dilemma of comparing gas and electric. Though it should be narrowed down to gas vs induction, as the two alternatives are far superior to the old ceramic and traditional glass electric hot plates. From having recent experiences in living in houses with induction and gas over the last 4 years, I am in a position to pass judgment on why induction is the better option.

Induction hot plates have been a revolution in the kitchen, with the technology combining the best elements of gas, traditional electric hot plates as well as adding some unique benefits of its own to the mix. The next paragraphs will delve further into the benefits and disadvantages of induction.

Instant heating

Induction, like gas, provides instant heating, providing the chefs with maximum control of the heat applied to the various elements. The elements regulate the heat on command as the kitchen personnel adjusts the settings. The way induction works, they do not transfer heat, as the elements do not heat up. Rather, the induction cooktops use electromagnetism to heat the cookware rather than the hotplates themselves. However, as the cookware heats up, they will transfer some heat over to the induction plates, making them hot in the process.

Easy cleaning

If you experience any spills on induction hot plates, you do not have to wait until dinner is finished and everything has cooled down to clean it. Just lift the cookware and wipe with a rag (the plate will still be hot, so avoid contact with skin), and you will never again have to scrape away food that has burnt itself into the elements by the heat. Gas cooktops are notorious for being difficult to clean, with food burning to the stands.

No gas fitter

Another positive for kitchen renovators is that you do not need to tear down the walls to install a gas pipe to the kitchen, as you can use the old electrical cable left over from the old one. Subsequently you do not need to hire gas fitters as well as the electrician coming in to install the oven, lights and power points.

On the other hand

On the negative side, not all cookware materials can be used with induction. Have a look on the bottom of your pots and pans to see if they are compatible. You may need to purchase a new set of cookware. Gas also makes you look more like a chef, as almost all TV chefs show off their skills with a flame to a skillet. Furthermore, the induction hot plates tend to turn off if you leave the pan off the element for a certain amount of time, which can lead to some annoyance having to turn it on again.

Think of the children

Though on the same note, induction is extremely child friendly, since it will not create any heat without the right cookware connecting with it. Children will not be able to turn it on and create a fire hazard. With gas, you not only have the chance of a toxic gas leak, but also the danger involved with uncovered flames.


Even though you often see TV chefs preferring the way of the fire, the induction technology is here to stay and will be the choice of the unforeseeable future.

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